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Appendix C. Adding VM page space
This appendix explains how to dynamically add page space to z/VM without
system interruption. Note that the process is the same for adding spool space.
This appendix covers the following steps:
򐂰 Verifying the current space allocation
򐂰 Formatting a volume for CP
򐂰 Allocating the page area
򐂰 Adding the volume to the list of CP-owned DASD
򐂰 Validating the CP-owned addition
򐂰 Verifying that the page space was detected by CP
򐂰 Making the dynamic change permanent in the SYSTEM CONFIG file
򐂰 Optional:
Adding new page volume to MAINT’s directory as a full pack minidisk
Adding cylinder zero of the new page volume to the $ALLOC$ directory
Adding the new page area to the $PAGE$ directory

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