Linux® Routing

Book description

Linux Routing explains and demonstrates routing solutions for common network types, namely LANs, WANs, and VPNs, using various types of hardware, and then explores the inner workings of the daemons and commands used for routing in Linux.
The second half of the book revolves around specialized issues. These include building micro-kernels that provide additional routing speed and security; how routing is handled in a list of popular Linux distributions; security issues; traffic monitoring and control; and finally a variety of hardware and software packages available to those running or wanting to run Linux routers.
Whether you need routing for a small, subnetted network or a larger scale project, Linux Routing will help you to understand the complexities that come with setting up dynamic routing for complex network configurations on a Linux box. Along the way you'll learn about some of the more popular protocols available and when they are best used, how to configure key routing daemons and what else is available, and how to set up routing and related services in a wide variety of situations.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Authors
  3. About the Technical Reviewers
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Tell Us What You Think
  6. Introduction
  7. Routing Basics
    1. Unicast Protocols
      1. The Example Network
      2. Static Routing
      3. Routing Information Protocol Version 1 (RIP-1)
      4. Routing Information Protocol Version 2 (RIP-2)
      5. Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
      6. Summary
    2. Multicast Protocols
      1. Routing Information Protocol Version 2 (RIP-2)
      2. Multicast Open Shortest Path First (MOSPF)
      3. Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol (DVMRP)
      4. Protocol Independent Multicast
      5. Summary
    3. Introduction to Border Routing Protocols
      1. Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP)
      2. Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP)
      3. Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
      4. Border Gateway Multicast Protocol (BGMP)
      5. Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP)
      6. Summary
    4. IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing
      1. IPv4 Addressing
      2. Classless IPv4 Addressing
      3. IPv6 Addressing
      4. Summary
  8. Linux Routing Issues and Technologies
    1. Inside The Unicast Kernel 2.2.x Daemons
      1. Guide to routed
      2. Guide to gated
      3. Summary
    2. Inside the Multicast Kernel 2.2.x Daemons
      1. The PIM-SM Linux Daemon: pimd
      2. The DVMRP Daemon: mrouted
      3. Summary
    3. Kernel Support Tools
      1. PPP Overview
      2. PPP for Linux
      3. rip2ad
      4. Summary
    4. Kernel 2.4.x Routing Daemons
      1. Changes from 2.2.x to 2.4.x
      2. Other Networking Linux 2.4.x Kernel Options
      3. Virtual Private Networks
      4. Summary
    5. Inside the Commands
      1. ifconfig
      2. route
      3. ping
      4. Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
      5. traceroute
      6. netstat
      7. tcpdump
      8. Summary
    6. Planning Basic Router Layout and Function
      1. Introduction to Network Planning
      2. Effective Router Management Through Managed Routing Tables
      3. Special Case Routing Functions
      4. Summary
    7. Linux Routing Basics
      1. LAN Routing Basics
      2. WAN Routing Basics
      3. VPN Routing Basics
      4. Summary
    8. Network Hardware Components, Technology, and Solutions
      1. Analog Communications and Modems
      2. Cable Modems
      3. Digital Subscriber Line
      4. Data Networking with Routers
      5. Summary
    9. Building a Routing Kernel
      1. Why Build?
      2. Building the Linux Kernel
      3. Special Function Distributions
      4. Summary
    10. Security and NAT Issues
      1. Packet Filtering and Packet Mangling with Your Router
      2. IP Masquerading
      3. Network Address Translation (NAT)
      4. Summary
    11. Monitoring, Analyzing, and Controlling Network Traffic
      1. Monitoring and Analysis Tools
      2. Quality of Service (QoS)
      3. Summary
  9. Appendixes
    1. Linux Routing Resources
      1. Linux Routing Daemons
      2. Linux Routing and Traffic Management Tools
      3. Related Resources
      4. Official Reference Documents
    2. Linux Hardware Routing Solutions
      1. Standalone Linux Routers
      2. Routing Cards That Work With Linux

Product information

  • Title: Linux® Routing
  • Author(s): Joe Brockmeier, Dee-Ann LeBlanc, Ron McCarty
  • Release date: October 2001
  • Publisher(s): Sams
  • ISBN: 9781578702671