Chapter 11

Rebrand and Reposition Products and Services

Rebranding and repositioning helps companies achieve a number of important goals that directly affect their revenues and profitability. Some of these include enhancing or renewing image, staying relevant to key stakeholders, and expanding the customer base.

Listening enables marketers and advertisers to rebrand or reposition based on the ways people perceive their products and services, the language they use, their emotions, and the conversational contexts that shape those perceptions and feelings. By doing so, they are better able to match and mirror customers’ mind-sets, be more easily and clearly understood by customers, and be able to avoid the pitfall of forcing their branding or positionings onto customers. We are in an era of person-centered branding and positioning.

The cases reviewed later in this chapter will show that companies taking direction from the “people's positioning and branding” frequently benefit, and those that do not can produce the opposite scenario, wherein they're able to learn from their failures.

Although this chapter is concerned with the “re” prefix attached to “branding” and “positioning,” the winning plays and tactics we present apply equally when developing original go-to-market branding and positioning strategies.

Winning Plays for Rebranding and Repositioning Products and Services

Businesses use social media listening techniques and analysis to study the language, meanings, and contexts ...

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