Listening Self-Assessment Checklist Answers and Comments

  1. True. These conversations are bound to happen. Acknowledge them as part of your work.

  2. False. If you feel this way, it probably shows. This means you have not understood and dealt with what people want you to know.

  3. False. When you cut people off you are responding to incomplete information.

  4. False. This behavior communicates your inattention.

  5. True. Try to remove the distractions or to move your conversation to another setting.

  6. False. You can tell when people are not listening to you, and they can tell as well.

  7. True. Good. Just remember not to imply agreement when still gathering information.

  8. False. This does happen to people sometimes, but it should be an infrequent occasion.

  9. True. Well-timed questions ...

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