Living Gluten-Free For Dummies, 2nd Australian Edition

Book description

The easy way to live without wheat, barley, oats, rye, and other sources of gluten

There's more to living gluten-free than just cutting it out of your diet. This Second Australian Edition of Living Gluten-Free For Dummies helps you embrace a gluten-free lifestyle and make a smooth transition to healthier, tastier living. You'll learn how to decipher food labels, enjoy a balanced diet, cook delicious meals and order at restaurants, deal with the emotional and social aspects of gluten-free living, raise healthy gluten-free kids, and so much more. And best of all, this book includes plenty of great-tasting recipes.

  • Covers all the newest products and food labelling practices specific to Australia

  • Includes up-to-date information about the latest research on managing coeliac disease

  • Features over 75 nutritious and delicious gluten-free recipes

  • Endorsed by Coeliac Australia

  • Whether you or a family member have coeliac disease, another kind of gluten intolerance, or want to try living without gluten for other health or nutrition reasons, this Second Australian Edition of Living Gluten-Free For Dummies covers everything you need to know—from great recipes to the latest research and the best ways to manage your health.

    Table of contents

      1. Foreword
      2. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. Foolish Assumptions
        3. Icons Used in This Book
        4. Beyond the Book
        5. Where to Go from Here
      3. Part I: Going Gluten-Free: Who, What, Why and How
        1. Chapter 1: Being Gluten-Free from A to Z
          1. What Is Gluten, Anyway?
            1. Common foods that contain gluten
            2. Wheat-free doesn’t mean gluten-free
          2. Discovering the Benefits of a Gluten-Free Lifestyle
            1. Eating isn’t supposed to hurt
            2. Making nutrition your mission: Head-to-toe health benefits
            3. But I thought wheat was good for me!
          3. Mastering the Meals
            1. Planning and preparing
            2. Shopping shrewdly
            3. Kitchen considerations
            4. Cooking outside the recipe box
          4. Getting Excited about Your Gluten-Free Future
            1. ‘A’ is for adapting your perspective on food
            2. Savouring gluten-free flavours
            3. Getting out and about
            4. Raising kids to love their food
            5. Setting realistic expectations
            6. Arming yourself with good information
          5. Getting Started — A Guide for Your First Two Weeks
            1. Working out what you can eat
            2. A ‘getting started’ shopping list
            3. A two-week meal plan
        2. Chapter 2: Understanding Why You Need to Go Gluten-Free
          1. Looking at Allergies, Intolerances and Coeliac Disease
            1. Food allergies
            2. Food intolerance
            3. Coeliac disease
          2. Blaming the Bread: How Gluten May Affect Behaviour
            1. Exploring dietary treatment for autism
            2. Depression and other mood disorders
          3. Getting Tested
            1. Testing for coeliac disease — blood tests
            2. Biopsies
            3. Genetic tests
            4. Allergy tests
            5. I’ve tested positive! Now what?
          4. Paying the Price if You Continue to Eat Gluten
            1. Looking at associated conditions
            2. Living with compromised health
          5. Healing Begins on Day One
        3. Chapter 3: Taking a Closer Look at Coeliac Disease
          1. Exposing One of the Most Common Genetic Diseases
          2. Pinpointing Who Develops Coeliac Disease and Why
            1. It’s in the genes
            2. Gluten is the guilty party
            3. Triggering coeliac disease through the environment
          3. Understanding Coeliac Disease and What It Does to the Body
            1. How your guts are supposed to work
            2. How your guts work with coeliac disease
            3. After diagnosis
          4. Scratching the Surface of Dermatitis Herpetiformis
          5. What Does the Future Hold For Coeliacs?
            1. Healing the bowel
            2. Keeping the gluten out
            3. Letting the gluten in safely
        4. Chapter 4: Grasping the Ground Rules of the Gluten-Free Diet
          1. Defining Gluten So You Can Avoid It
          2. Determining Gluten-Free Standards
          3. Reading and Understanding Food Labels
            1. No means no and gluten-free means gluten-free
            2. All ingredients from wheat, rye, barley and oats are shown on the label
            3. All sources of gluten must be listed
            4. What about glucose syrup?
            5. Low gluten
            6. ‘May contain traces of gluten’
            7. When in doubt, leave it out
          4. Recognising Gluten-Free Foods at a Glance
            1. Forbidden grains
            2. Grains and starches you can safely eat
            3. Other foods that are gluten-free
            4. Foods that usually contain gluten
          5. Exploring Alternative Grains and Superfoods
            1. Amaranth
            2. Arrowroot
            3. Buckwheat (soba)
            4. Millet
            5. Quinoa
            6. Sorghum
            7. Teff
          6. Happy Hour — Choosing Your Alcoholic Beverages
            1. Cheers to these
            2. Step away from the bottle
          7. Making Sure Your Medications and Supplements Are Safe
          8. Using Non-Food Products: What You Need to Know
            1. Make-up matters
            2. Lotions and potions
            3. Coming unstuck on glues
            4. Getting the drill on dental products
        5. Chapter 5: Finding and Using Good Resources
          1. Searching for Information: The Good, the Bad and the Completely Ludicrous
            1. Knowing who to believe
            2. Ignoring the hype
            3. Checking with food manufacturers
            4. Books
          2. Support Groups
          3. The Internet, for Better and for Worse
        6. Chapter 6: Gluten-Free … Nutritiously
          1. Appreciating Your Food
          2. It’s a Matter of Balance
          3. Good Carbs, Bad Carbs: Tuning In to the Glycaemic Index and Glycaemic Load
            1. Getting into the glycaemic index
            2. Why blood-sugar levels are important
            3. The effects of high insulin
            4. Looking at the glycaemic load (GL)
            5. Looking for the GI Symbol
          4. Avoiding Nutritional Pitfalls on the Gluten-Free Diet
            1. Getting the fibre you need on a gluten-free diet
            2. Packing a punch with protein
          5. Winning the Weight Wars
            1. Losing weight on the gluten-free diet
            2. Gaining weight when you need to
          6. Keeping on Top of Nutrition as You Get Older
          7. Reviewing the Principles of Good Nutrition
      4. Part II: Planning and Preparing: The Preludes to Cooking
        1. Chapter 7: Creating a Gluten-Free-Friendly Kitchen
          1. Sharing the Kitchen with Gluten
            1. Avoiding cross-contamination
            2. Storing foods separately for convenience
          2. Taking Inventory of the Pantry and Fridge
            1. Special ingredients to stock
            2. Mixes to have on hand
            3. Commercial products to consider
        2. Chapter 8: Shopping Is Easier Than You Think
          1. Knowing What You Want
            1. Planning your meals
            2. Making lists
          2. Deciding What to Buy
            1. Remembering naturally gluten-free foods
            2. Asking for opinions
          3. Deciding Where to Shop
            1. Supermarkets
            2. Health food shops
            3. Farmers’ markets
            4. Ethnic markets
            5. Gluten-free retail stores
            6. Websites and catalogues
            7. Sorting through the health food aisle
          4. Living Gluten-Free — Affordably
            1. Scaling back on commercial foods
            2. Eating nutritiously
            3. Eating in
            4. Using gluten-free mixes
        3. Chapter 9: Cooking: Tips and Techniques
          1. Creatively Gluten-Free: Improvising in the Kitchen
            1. Adapting any dish to be gluten-free
            2. Avoiding cross-contamination when cooking
            3. Using standby substitutions
          2. Cooking with Wheat Alternatives
            1. Incorporating alternative gluten-free grains
            2. Thickening with gluten-free starches and flours
          3. Trying Your Hand at Gluten-Free Baking
            1. Mixing it up with mixes
            2. Introducing xanthan gum: The star of the dough
            3. Substituting gluten-free flours
            4. Making your own gluten-free flour mixtures
            5. Baking bread the gluten-free way
      5. Part III: From Menus to Meals: Recipes for the Gluten-Free Gastronome
        1. Chapter 10: Beginning with Breakfast
          1. Getting Your Day Off to a Gluten-Free Start
            1. Grab ’n’ go starters
            2. Power-start your gluten-free day with protein
          2. The Incredible, Edible Egg
          3. Starting Your Day Smoothly
          4. Brighten Your Breakfast with a Muffin
        2. Chapter 11: Snacking on Appetisers, Nibbles and Wraps
          1. Fun Finger Foods and Nibbles
          2. Digging into Dips and Dippers
          3. Going Wild with Wraps
            1. Rice rolls
            2. Nori rolls or sushi
            3. Exploring lettuce wraps
        3. Chapter 12: Souping Up Salads and Vegetable Dishes
          1. Souping it Up
          2. Serving Salads with Style
            1. Serving salads with green, leafy stuff
            2. Adding oomph to your salads
          3. Move Over, Mashed Potatoes: Trying New Ways with Vegetables
        4. Chapter 13: Enjoying the Main Event
          1. Choosing Chicken
          2. Eating Meat
            1. Cooking with pork
            2. Diving into seafood
          3. Enjoying Vegetarian Dishes
        5. Chapter 14: Pizza, Pasta and Bread: Foods You Thought Were a Thing of the Past
          1. Pizza with Pizzazz
            1. Base: The pizza foundation
            2. Pizza Sauces
          2. No More Pining for Pasta
          3. Making Bread
          4. Bread in a Bread Machine — Or Not
            1. Using a bread machine
            2. Baking in a conventional oven
        6. Chapter 15: Getting Your Just Desserts
          1. Delighting in Desserts
          2. Having Your Cake — and Eating It Too
          3. Indulging in Biscuits and Slices
          4. Being Sensible: Sweets for the Health-Conscious
      6. Part IV: Living — and Loving — the Gluten-Free Lifestyle 24/7
        1. Chapter 16: Getting Out and About: Eating Away from Home
          1. Following the Golden Rules of Going Out Gluten-Free
            1. Don’t assume others will accommodate your diet
            2. Ask what’s for dinner
            3. Fill up before you go
            4. BYOF: Bring your own food
            5. Bite your tongue when they make a mistake
            6. Enjoy the company
          2. Dining Out: Restaurant Realities and Rewards
            1. Choosing the restaurant
            2. Calling ahead
            3. Making smart menu choices
            4. Talking with the staff: Ask and thou shalt receive
          3. The Incredible, Edible Journey: It’s Travel Time!
            1. Researching your destination
            2. Choosing gluten-free-friendly accommodation
            3. Packing your own provisions
            4. Sprechen zie gluten? Speaking gluten-free in other countries
          4. Getting There
            1. Flying the friendly skies
            2. Cruising the high seas
            3. Gluten-free on track
            4. Travelling near or far by car
        2. Chapter 17: Raising Happy, Healthy, Gluten-Free Kids
          1. Forging through the Feelings
            1. ‘My child’s life is changed forever’
            2. ‘I don’t want my child to feel different’
            3. ‘Will he turn out okay?’
            4. ‘This is harder for me than it is for her’
            5. Focusing on the good stuff
          2. Talking to Your Kids about Being Gluten-Free
            1. Including the whole family
            2. Keeping the discussion upbeat
            3. Explaining the new diet
            4. Reinforcing the idea that gluten makes your child feel yucky
            5. Handling your child’s reaction
            6. Helping your child talk to others about the diet
          3. Deciding Whether the Whole Family Should Be Gluten-Free
            1. The pros
            2. The cons
            3. Middle ground
          4. Giving Your Child Control of the Diet
            1. Working together to make good choices
            2. Trusting kids when you’re not there
          5. Hitting the Road with the Gluten-Free Gang
          6. Leaving Your Gluten-Free Kid in the Care of Others
            1. Trusting your kids with friends, family and babysitters
            2. Sending your child to school
            3. Gearing up for school camps
          7. Guiding Your Gluten-Free Teens
            1. Noticing changing symptoms
            2. Understanding why teens may cheat on the diet
            3. Helping teens after they move out
        3. Chapter 18: Beating the Blues: Overcoming Emotional Obstacles
          1. Recognising Common Emotional Struggles
            1. Sheer shock and panic
            2. Anger and frustration
            3. Grief and despair
            4. Loss and deprivation
            5. Sadness and depression
          2. Dealing with Denial
            1. When you’re the one in denial
            2. When others are in denial
          3. Getting Back on Track When You’re Feeling Derailed
            1. Regaining control
            2. Getting beyond big words with heavy implications
            3. Focusing on what you can eat
            4. Deflecting the temptation to be annoyed or offended
            5. Practising optimism
            6. Spreading attitudes — they’re contagious
          4. Redefining Who You Are
          5. Resisting the Temptation to Cheat
            1. Realising why you want to cheat
            2. Assessing the consequences
            3. Overcoming the temptation
      7. Part V: The Part of Tens
        1. Chapter 19: Ten Benefits of Being Gluten-Free
          1. You Know How to Improve Your Health
          2. Your Health Improves Straightaway
          3. You Don’t Need Medication or Surgery to Get Better
          4. The Diet Can Be Extra Healthy
          5. You Learn to Appreciate Life a Little More
          6. Your Diabetic Child Will Do Better
          7. You May Add Years to Your Life
          8. Fertility Problems May Diminish
          9. Your Weight Can Be Easier to Manage
          10. You’re More Aware of Nutrition
        2. Chapter 20: Ten Tips to Help You Love the Gluten-Free Lifestyle
          1. Focusing on What You Can Eat
          2. Expanding Your Culinary Horizons with Alternative Grains
          3. Thinking Globally
          4. Controlling the Diet
          5. Eating to Live, Not Living to Eat
          6. Remembering You’re Different — So What?
          7. Enjoying a (Gluten-Free) Splurge
          8. Helping People to Help You
          9. Turning Away from Temptation
          10. Dealing with It, Not Dwelling on It
        3. Chapter 21: Ten Tips and Traps for New Players
          1. I Can Easily Work Out This Diet by Myself
          2. I’m Too Embarrassed to Ask for a Gluten-Free Meal
          3. The Package States ‘Gluten-Free’, but Wheat Is Listed in the Ingredients
          4. The Waitress Is Pretty Sure This Dish Has No Gluten
          5. Can I or Can’t I? It’s Made from Buckwheat
          6. I’m Sure My Friend Will Remember I’m Gluten-Free
          7. I Don’t Want to Offend My Mother-in-Law
          8. I’m Sure I’ll Pick Up Something Gluten-Free on the Way There
          9. I’ve Requested a Gluten-Free Meal for Each of My Flights
          10. I Feel Really Left Out Watching Everyone Tuck In, So I’ll Just Have a Nibble
      8. Index
      9. About the Author
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