Chapter 3

Taking a Closer Look at Coeliac Disease

In This Chapter

arrow Looking at the frequency of coeliac disease

arrow Examining causes

arrow Reviewing the effects of coeliac disease in the body

arrow Understanding the relationship between gluten and dermatitis herpetiformis

arrow Looking into the future of treatments

C oeliac disease is common, but hard to diagnose, because it mimics the symptoms of many other conditions. The word coeliac comes from a Greek word koiliakos, meaning ‘suffering in the bowels’. (Was that a heartfelt ‘oh, yeah’ from someone out there?)

technicalstuff_4c.eps Coeliac disease has many names that all mean the same thing, including celiac disease (the American spelling), sprue, coeliac sprue, non-tropical sprue (not to be confused with tropical sprue), gluten-sensitive enteropathy and Gee-Herter disease.

Coeliac disease doesn’t have a cure, but it can be treated very effectively by diet and no medication ...

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