Chapter 5

Finding and Using Good Resources

In This Chapter

arrow Searching for information

arrow Finding good support

arrow Using reliable resources

H uman communication has come a long way from its humble beginnings. The grunts and growls of our cave-dwelling ancestors developed over millennia until they were able to pass on information by word of mouth and through primitive cave drawings. The development of writing and later printing opened up huge possibilities for far greater communication with people living further away. Improved communication meant that knowledge could grow and be shared at increasingly rapid rates. Over the past few decades, we’ve seen an astonishing explosion of not just knowledge, but also the means to pass on that knowledge. With radio, television, books, libraries and the internet, an individual can access information on just about every aspect of human knowledge.

The trouble is, while you have almost unlimited access to almost unlimited information, you don’t always have the capacity to sort out the facts from the fairytales. So much information is out there, if you go looking when you’ve just been diagnosed and told you need a gluten-free diet, it won’t be long before ...

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