Chapter 7

Creating a Gluten-Free-Friendly Kitchen

In This Chapter

arrow Allowing gluten and gluten-free foods to coexist in the kitchen

arrow Making a list of products you want to have on hand

Y our idea of cooking may involve only a can opener and a microwave. Or you may have kitchen gadgets no-one else knows how to use, bring mystery ingredients home from faraway lands and subscribe to magazines with titles that most people can’t pronounce. No matter how you feel about cooking, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

When you’re gluten-free, the kitchen needs a little extra attention. Keeping yourself safely gluten-free isn’t hard, but you need to take special precautions, especially if your kitchen also contains gluten.

Sharing the Kitchen with Gluten

When Danna’s kids were little and the family would go on a long drive (parental torture chamber on wheels), her kids would screech, ‘Mummy, Kelsie’s looking out my window!’ to which Kelsie would quickly retort, gasping for air, ‘That’s because Tyler’s breathing my air! He took it all!’ And the drama would continue for hours (whose idea was this?).

Sometimes Danna imagines the same kind of bickering within her own kitchen: ‘Hey, wheat bread! Get outta here. This is gluten-free territory.’ ‘Just because they pay twice as much for you doesn’t ...

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