Chapter 18

Beating the Blues: Overcoming Emotional Obstacles

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying negative feelings

arrow Confronting denial

arrow Dealing with mistakes

arrow Looking at the big picture

arrow Staying on track

L ook as hard as you like, but you won’t find too many best-sellers at the bookshop with titles like How to Cope with Extreme Good Fortune. No, you really need help only when you’re facing challenges. And some people feel that a gluten-free diet is one big doozy of a challenge. Some of that has to do with why they’re going gluten-free in the first place.

You may have decided yourself to go on a gluten-free diet — you think it looks like a really healthy diet, a lot of people are trying it, you think it might be fun, or it may improve a problem with your health — and because you’ve made that choice yourself, you’re really keen to try it all out. If you find it too hard or you can’t always get gluten-free food, it doesn’t matter too much if you break the diet from time to time, or even give it ...

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