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Living in Wonderland: Urban development and placemaking

Book Description

Ever lived in or visited a great city and wondered what makes it tick? Over the next 15 years China is set to urbanise 300 million people and build the equivalent urban area of North America. London is set to grow by two million people by 2030 and in the same period Sao Paulo will increase by three million. This is the greatest period of urbanisation in human history and yet the buildings and places we are designing and developing leave a great deal to be desired. The world's cities are increasingly becoming a one-stop solution of homogenous shopping centres and apartment towers. With hundreds of millions of people set to move to our cities in the coming decades there is huge social responsibility to ensure that people aren't subjected to identikit lives that compromise health, wellbeing and general happiness. Living in Wonderland seeks to explore the challenges currently facing urban development and masterplanning and to look at how the places people live, work and shop in can define a neighbourhood or city. Exploring real-life projects across the globe - all studied first-hand by the author - the book aims to encourage debate and promote innovative solutions in development and urbanism. The book is designed to fill the gap between the glossy and superficial coffee table books and theoretical academic papers. Its aim is to inspire practitioners and students of property development, architecture, town planning and anyone with an interest in the urban environment and to demonstrate the vital need to design places for people.

Table of Contents

    1. The Future World
    2. About Me
    3. About the Book
    1. The Urban Village
    2. CASE STUDY: The Urban Village – Palermo, Buenos Aires
    3. Two Sides of a City
    4. CASE STUDY: Two Sides of a City – Superb Singapore
    5. Unique Identity
    6. CASE STUDY: Unique Identity – Thames Town, Shanghai
    7. CASE STUDY: Unique Identity – Poundbury, Dorset, UK
    8. CASE STUDY: Unique Identity – Port Grimaud, France
    9. Ranking Cities’ Liveability
    10. Geography
    11. CASE STUDY: Geography – Sydney Harbour
    12. CASE STUDY: The Sustainable City – Masdar City, Abu Dhabi
    13. The Global Property Market
    14. Investor and Seasonal Cities
    15. Slums and Our Cities
    16. CASE STUDY: Slums and Our Cities – Dharavi Slum, Mumbai
    17. CASE STUDY: Slums and Our Cities – Favelas, Rio de Janeiro
    18. The Best and Worst
    1. Right Mix of Property Uses
    2. Critical Mass
    3. CASE STUDY: Mixed Use and Critical Mass – Battersea and Nine Elms, London
    4. Phasing and Implementation
    5. CASE STUDY: Phasing and Implementation – Taipingqiao, Shanghai
    6. The Various Stages of Development
    7. Pioneer Stage
    8. CASE STUDY: Pioneer Stage – Battersea Power Station, London
    9. Building a Place Brand
    10. A Global Study of Masterplans
    11. CASE STUDY: Masterplanning – One World Trade Center, New York
    12. CASE STUDY: Masterplanning – Grand Canal Dock, Dublin
    13. CASE STUDY: Masterplanning – Rockefeller Center, New York
    14. CASE STUDY: Masterplanning – Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi
    15. CASE STUDY: Masterplanning – La Défense, Paris
    16. CASE STUDY: Masterplanning – The Gate Precinct, Dubai
    17. CASE STUDY: Masterplanning – Downtown Dubai
    18. CASE STUDY: Masterplanning – Gurgaon, Delhi
    19. CASE STUDY: Masterplanning – Malmö, Sweden
    20. CASE STUDY: Masterplanning – The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town
    1. Manhattan’s Residential Revolution
    2. Variety of Unit Typology
    3. CASE STUDY: Variety of Unity Typology – The Barbican, London
    4. Podium Design
    5. Outside Space
    6. Amenities
    7. Facilities
    8. Services
    1. The Evolution of the Modern Office
    2. The Multifaceted Corporate Office
    3. CASE STUDY: The Multifaceted Corporate Office – Battersea Power Station, London
    4. CASE STUDY: The Multifaceted Corporate Office – ANZ Centre, Melbourne
    5. CASE STUDY: More Than Just an Office – Kings Place, London
    6. Diversity in Office Design
    7. CASE STUDY: Diversity in Office Design – 0-14, Dubai
    8. CASE STUDY: Diversity in Office Design – British Council, Delhi
    9. CASE STUDY: Diversity in Office Design – Central Saint Giles, London
    10. Enabling Office Diversity
    11. CASE STUDY: Enabling Office Diversity – Workspace Group, London
    12. Members’ Clubs and Hubs
    1. Impact of Internet Retailing
    2. Shopping Centres vs The High Street
    3. CASE STUDY: Shopping/Retail – Xintiandi, Shanghai
    4. CASE STUDY: Shopping/Retail – Westfield, London
    5. CASE STUDY: Shopping/Retail – Dubai Mall
    6. CASE STUDY: Shopping/Retail – Mall of the Emirates, Dubai
    7. CASE STUDY: Alternative Centres – Aldar Central Market, Abu Dhabi
    8. CASE STUDY: Alternative Centres – Chelsea Market, New York
    9. Clone Towns
    10. Independent Retail
    11. CASE STUDY: Alternative Centres – Marylebone High Street, London
    12. Diversity of Retail Offer
    13. Markets
    14. Retail Theatre, Curatorship and Events
    1. Using Culture to Seed Regeneration
    2. CASE STUDY: Seeding Regeneration – Millennium Park, Chicago
    3. CASE STUDY: Seeding Regeneration – SoHo, New York
    4. CASE STUDY: Seeding Regeneration – M50, Shanghai
    5. CASE STUDY: Seeding Regeneration – Bilbao, Spain
    6. Embedded Art
    7. Sculpture
    8. Graffiti
    9. Urban Intervention
    10. CASE STUDY: Urban Intervention – The High Line, New York
    1. CASE STUDY: Meanwhile Use – Battersea Power Station, London
    2. Meanwhile Residential Uses
    3. Meanwhile Retail Uses
    4. Meanwhile Office Uses
    5. Activating Un-let Units
    6. Temporary Pop-Up Events
  10. 09. CONCLUSION
    1. Choosing Our Future