Living Service: How to Deliver the Service of the Future Today

Book Description

‘"Living Service will revolutionize service industries in the same way that lean thinking revolutionized manufacturing.’" -Professor Ikujiro Nonaka, author of The Knowledge-creating Company

"...uplifting, fascinating, provoking ... Living Service is a must- read for anyone working in partnerships or interested in co-creation.’" -Lynda Gratton, London Business School

"A wonderful book showing how the mind, body and soul of all organizations can be brought together in an interconnected whole to help create a sustainable future for us all.’" -Jin Tatsumura, Director, Gaia Symphony

Business is nothing without customers and, in our hypercompetitive times, customers expect great service. Living Service will help you deliver the top quality service your customers demand and deserve. The fundamentally simple, yet deliverable, actionable and effective framework of living service can bring extraordinary benefits to your company, benefits that you will see go straight to the bottom line.

Living Service will give youa uniquely powerful competitive edge. This new approach has been pioneered to great effect by Fujitsu - its customers and their customers are already enjoying the fantastic payoffs it brings. These include 30% faster deployment of services; 30% more reliable service; costs cut by more than 15%. Like the sound of that? This book tells the story of Fujitsu’s continuing journey to living service excellence and shows how you can do the same.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Financial Times Prentice Hall
  3. Praise for Living Service
  4. Preface
  5. About the Authors
  6. Acknowledgements
  7. Introduction: Inside Living Service
    1. The road to lean
    2. Service comes to life
    3. Press pause
    4. Service is about people
    5. ... and optimized by technology and processes
    6. Getting the balance right
    7. Service calling
    8. Invisible excellence
    9. Remarkably simple and elegant
    10. Great service adapts and evolves
    11. The rise of service
    12. The sweet smell of service
    13. The choice challenge
    14. No one said it was easy
    15. The whole of the iceberg
    16. Towards living service
    17. In summary
  8. 1. Mind Kokoro
    1. 1. Developing a Living Service Culture
      1. Everything you do, do around customers and their customers
      2. Earn the trust of your customers and employees
      3. Put people at the centre of everything
      4. Empower champions of change
      5. Nurture your supply chain
      6. Take the long-term view
      7. In summary
      8. Agenda 1 – Develop a Living Service Culture
    2. 2. Changing the Game
      1. Make customers’ needs transparent
      2. Grow together with customers and their customers
      3. Consider people as your key differentiator
      4. Leverage tacit knowledge
      5. Focus on invisible excellence and elegant simplicity
      6. In summary
      7. Agenda 2 – Change the Game
  9. 2. Body Karada
    1. 3. Engaging with Customers
      1. Focus on understanding the customer’s journey
        1. Be ready for some straight talking
        2. Allow them to focus on their customers
        3. Walk in the customer’s shoes to understand their tacit needs
      2. Help customers with their decision-making
      3. Continually engage with customers
      4. Take a consistent approach to the customer throughout the journey
      5. Agenda 3 – Engage with Customers
    2. 4. Accelerating Customers’ Opportunities
      1. Focus on elegant simplicity
        1. Look for standardization
        2. Look for scalability
        3. Look for consistency
      2. Make processes transparent
      3. Turn problems into opportunities
      4. Agenda 4 – Accelerate Customers’ Opportunities
    3. 5. Delivering Great Service
      1. Strive to deliver invisible excellence
      2. Ensure delivery is in tune with the customer
      3. Make delivery scalable
      4. Agenda 5 – Deliver Great Service
    4. 6. Co-creating the Future
      1. Continually collaborate with the customer
        1. Anticipate change that will affect customers
        2. Help customers bridge the gap between today and tomorrow
        3. Provide opportunities for interactive customer experience
      2. Enable all to contribute to the customer’s journey
      3. Co-evolve with your business partners and suppliers
      4. Agenda 6 – Co-create the Future
  10. 3. Soul Tamashii
    1. 7. Maximizing Collective Energy
      1. Ensure people can realize their own and their customers’ dreams
        1. Allow champions of change to lead
        2. An igniting purpose
      2. Break organizational silos
        1. Nurture a cooperative mindset
        2. Prompt people to collaborate across boundaries
        3. Leverage organizational culture
      3. Continuously strive in the wider business ecosystem
      4. In summary
      5. Agenda 7 – Maximize Collective Energy
  11. Epilogue: Sustaining Service
    1. The world today
    2. Beyond today
    3. Long-term sustainability
    4. Interconnected whole
    5. Call to action
  12. Appendix: Your Living Service Agenda
    1. Agenda 1 – Develop a Living Service Culture
    2. Agenda 2 – Change the Game
    3. Agenda 3 – Engage with Customers
    4. Agenda 4 – Accelerate Customers’ Opportunities
    5. Agenda 5 – Deliver Great Service
    6. Agenda 6 – Co-create the Future
    7. Agenda 7 – Maximize Collective Energy
  13. Notes
    1. Introduction: Inside Living Service
    2. Chapter 1: Developing a Living Service Culture
    3. Chapter 2: Changing the Game
    4. Chapter 5: Delivering Great Service
    5. Chapter 6: Co-creating the Future
    6. Chapter 7: Maximizing Collective Energy
    7. Epilogue: Sustaining Service

Product Information

  • Title: Living Service: How to Deliver the Service of the Future Today
  • Author(s): Mohi Ahmed, Marc Silvester
  • Release date: January 2009
  • Publisher(s): FT Press
  • ISBN: 9780131370098