Chapter 14

Dining Out around Town and While Traveling

In This Chapter

arrow Selecting a restaurant to meet your wheat-free needs

arrow Navigating a restaurant's menu

arrow Planning for wheat-free travel

Although having a meal out that's all organic, grass-fed, and wild-caught, is prepared without vegetable oil, and contains little or no wheat or sugar (or, ideally, grain of any kind) is next to impossible, you can achieve a couple of these ideals if you do some homework before you head out the door.

After you get the hang of eating wheat-free at various restaurants, dining out is a snap. Becoming familiar with the restaurants in your area, figuring out how to decode the menu, and developing a question/answer dialogue with the restaurant staff helps you determine which restaurants meet your needs.

This chapter is designed to help you build confidence in dining out on a wheat-free diet. We discuss how to best manage a meal when getting the ideal meal isn't possible and highlight restaurant chains that have added gluten-free menus to accommodate folks with a wheat-free way of life. (Though you may not be gluten-free, gluten-free food is inherently wheat-free, as we explain in Chapter 3.) We recommend ...

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