Chapter 21

Ten Things That Can Sabotage Your Wheat-Free Diet

In This Chapter

arrow Recognizing internal roadblocks

arrow Looking out for negative external influences

Stepping outside of your normal eating routine can pose challenges to your wheat-free diet. Any one or group of sabotaging factors can affect your wheat-free lifestyle, but by developing a plan specific to each obstacle you'll face, you increase your chances of success exponentially. Over time, these specific plans become established routines that create long-term stability and healthy dietary habits.

The pitfalls in this chapter are common to most people eating a wheat-free diet. We give you some tips to empower you to handle any challenge you face. However, no one knows you better than you. Developing your own set of techniques to better manage the challenges you encounter may have a greater success rate than simply accepting our advice to the letter. Do what works for you.

remember.eps After you've committed to a wheat-free lifestyle and had success for a while, nothing can sabotage your way of life. You've formed new habits, and you don't even think twice about the difficulties of the following ten derailments. Life becomes life, and yours ...

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