12  Economic Governance throughPrivate and Public Sector

Maarten Brouwer and Sabine Blokhuis


Table 12.1 ODA Expenditures of the Netherlands Per Category in 2010

ODA expenditures of the Netherlands (euro) 2010
International justice 43 million
Stability, good governance and humanitarian aid 673 million
European cooperation 461 million
Poverty reduction and growth strategies 1,180 million
Social development 1,609 million
Improved environment 347 million
Care of asylum seekers from developing countries 258 million
Other 307 million
Total (0.8 percent of GDP): 4,877 million

Source: MoFA 2011 (2011:28).

Economic growth has found new grounds. In Asia the growth spurt in the nineties has been phenomenal, but ...

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