Chapter 21

Ten Tips to Speed Your Workflow

In This Chapter

arrow Getting organized and productive

arrow Using key commands and screensets

arrow Saving time with patches and presets

arrow Troubleshooting and mastering Logic Pro

Finishing a Logic Pro project is like completing a puzzle: You have to fit all the pieces together to see the final picture. Some parts of the game are more fun than others, so you need a good reason to see it through, such as the enjoyment of listening to your project come together. A better motivator is to make every moment that you create with Logic Pro a purposeful moment.

Start by giving your Logic Pro project deadlines and clear outcomes. If you don’t have a song to work on, create a learning project. I create projects to learn tools, workflows, plug-ins, and software instruments, in addition to songwriting and music producing. You’ll speed up your chops with experience, especially if your purpose is clear.

In this chapter, I offer practical tips to help you speed up your workflow and make more music.

Keep Detailed Notes

I start almost every project by opening the project notes ...

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