Chapter 4

Embracing Tracks and Regions


check Understanding how tracks and regions work

check Adjusting your tempo and time signature

check Saving track settings for instant recall

check Editing and looping regions

Tracks and regions are the basic building blocks of your project. You can have up to 255 audio tracks and 255 software instrument tracks in a project, so it’s safe to say that you won’t ever run out of tracks.

Each track gives you independent control over the sound and placement of a single sound source. These days, multitrack recording might not seem like such a big deal because your iPhone has similar capabilities, but it wasn’t that long ago when multitrack recording didn’t exist. Now we have nondestructive recording and editing with 200 steps of undo history. It’s tempting to say with a straight face that you can record better than The Beatles.

Regions are objects on your tracks that you create, edit, and manipulate until your ear is content. Regions are versatile containers for your creative ideas.

In this chapter, you find out about several track types and region types as ...

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