Public Administration & Public Policy
The discipline of public administration draws predominantly from political
and organizational theory, but also from other social and behavioral
sciences, philosophy, and even theology. This diversity results in conicting
prescriptions for the “proper” administrative role. So, how are those new to
public administration to know which ideas are “legitimate?
Rather than accepting conventional arguments for administrative
legitimacy through delegated constitutional authority or expertise,
of Legitimacy: Three Traditions of Public Administration Praxis
not assume that any one approach to professionalism is accepted by all
scholars, practitioners, citizens, or elected representatives. Instead, it
offers a framework for public administration theory and practice that fully
includes the citizen as a political actor alongside elected representatives and
administrators. This framework:
• Considers both direct and representative forms of democracy
• Examines concepts from both political and organizational theory,
addressing may of the key questions in public administration
• Examines past and present approaches to administration
• Presents a conceptual lens for understanding public administration
theory and explaining different administrative roles and practices
The framework for public administration theory and practice is presented
in three traditions of main prescriptions for practice: Constitutional (the
bureaucrat), Discretionary (the entrepreneur), and Collaborative (the
steward). This book is appropriate for use in graduate-level courses that
explore the philosophical, historical, and intellectual foundations of public
administration. Upon qualied course adoption, instructors will gain access
to a course outline and corresponding lecture slides.
Logics of Legitimacy
Logics of
Three Traditions of
Public Administration Praxis
Margaret Stout
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ISBN: 978-1-4665-1161-3
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