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Job no:82185(CTP) Title : RP-Logolounge 2 Client : Pro-vision
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175 Size : 228.6(w)279.4(h)mm Co : M6 C0 O/P: CTP
Dept : DTP D/O : 27.08.04 (Job no:000000 D/O : 00.00.01 Co: CM0)
Job no:8
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Dept : D
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logolounge 2
Dana Lytle
Planet Propaganda, Madison, WI
Paradox Media logo, by Alterpop
“There’s abstract, there’s representational, and there’s
Head. The Paradox logo is definitely SRIWYUTH, but
with a pleasing twist: It represents an abstract concept,
relying on a nearly universal cultural reference to bridge
the gap between image and idea.”
Dana Lytle is creative director and cofounder of Planet
Propaganda, a creative communications firm in Madi-
son, Wisconsin. He holds a degree in graphic design
from Montana State University. When not designing, he
spends his time rearranging his basement to make
room for his collection of vintage letterpress equip-
ment. Though his heart belongs to print, Lytle also pro-
fesses to love the smell of a freshly launched website.
Joe Duffy
Duffy & Partners, Minneapolis, MN
Natasha Doll logo, by CDI Studios
“In a seemingly effortless and loopy stylized series of
calligraphic strokes, the designer has managed to
evoke the notions of doll, music, fun, and femininity. It’s
all contained within a very bold, distinctive, and artistic
mark. I love that the logotype works as a symbol and
vice versa. It’s typically more difficult, and in this case,
more direct.”
Joe Duffy is chairman of Duffy Worldwide, which he
started in 1984 and has transformed into an organiza-
tion with offices in Minneapolis, New York, London, Sin-
gapore, and Hong Kong. His understanding of how
design affects consumer attitudes has led to many big
ideas executed in advertising as well as in design. He
has guided the design component of significant inte-
grated programs for EDS, Qualcomm, Ameritech, FAO
Schwarz, Minute Maid, Nuveen Investments, Interna-
tional Truck and Engine Corporation, and Nikon.
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