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logolounge 2
What can be a positive attribute can also make designing a client identity
difficult. Kay Nash, group managing director of Africa and the Middle East
for Enterprise IG, says that was certainly the case for her firm’s experience
with Syspro, a software manufacturing company.
Syspro, which designs software that creates automated systems infra-
structure for mid-size companies, began as a small, owner-managed
company. By 2002, it found itself with offices around the world, each
office being run with the same entrepreneurial spirit that the company
founder possessed.
“This is a tenacious, intrepid, resourceful group of people,” Nash says. “The
company is one of the very few that has survived Microsoft and its prod-
ucts, so you know they are enterprising.”
This tenacious spirit initially looked as though it might cause Nash and her
design team problems: Everyone had a very different idea of what the new
identity should be, and no one’s vision was particularly risk-taking. The
company’s old identity in no way reflected its business culture, attitude,
approach, or product. Enterprise IG felt it should be banished in lieu of a
more appropriate and comprehensive identity system. Syspro managers
were feeling differently. They wanted a new logo that felt familiar—period.
After extensive research and interviews, Nash’s team defined the brand
essence in a single word—tenacious. This trait can be either positive
or negative. Enterprise IG decided to take it into a positive realm: The
client could be vigorous, strong, and enduring, but it could also be flexible
and contemporary.
The first thing to overcome was the preexisting corporate culture and the
restrictions each business unit threw in front of the project. United States
team members wanted the company to stick with its U.S. product name,
Impact. From the United Kingdom came the request that the identity be
blue. In Africa, it had to be red.
Design Firm
Enterprise IG
Identity Redesign
This static representation of Syspro’s new logo, created by
Enterprise IG, actually does not show how versatile the mark is.
This is just a starting point for the new identity. Its pieces and
colors present Syspro offices around the world with a tool kit
with which each can form its own mark. Also, in electronic rep-
resentation, the logo might unfold and/or rebuild itself.
“It is important to be on target but also to
show the client dramatic directions
that are relevant but that scare them.”
Enterprise IG designers pre-
sented a number of diverse
experiments to push the client
out of its comfort zone. But
this simple, solid, sans serif
experiment was probably the
most comfortable and familiar
to the client.
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Job no:82185(CTP) Title : RP-Logolounge 2 Client : Pro-vision
Scn :
175 Size : 228.6(w)279.4(h)mm Co : M6 C0 O/P: CTP
Dept : DTP D/O : 27.08.04 (Job no:000000 D/O : 00.00.01 Co: CM0)
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These designs represent the far-opposite end of the experimentation for the project. They were meant to fully terrify the client but
also to stretch their imagination and vision. Built from pixels and parts, this approach suggested that the final logo might be a
changeable thing, rebuilt for each occasion as necessary.
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