When LogoLounge.com first went online in late 2001, we had no
idea how enthusiastic a response we would receive from some of
the design industry’s most talented and prolific designers. A who’s
who of designers from six continents began uploading thousands
of logos to the Web site, and they continue to do so today. Lesser-
known but still exciting individuals and firms have also come on
board, adding even more depth and breadth to the collection.
As this enormous resource began to gel, the logical next step
seemed to be an annual—a printed companion—that would
assemble the best and most exciting work from the site each year.
But rather than just produce a one-dimensional collection with-
out context, we decided to create a book with (a) substantial
editorial content, and (b) an Internet site that will allow you to
search the book’s contents easily and quickly. Simply log onto
http://www.logolounge.com/book1, and you will be able to swiftly
navigate through the more than two thousand logos in this book by
searching by designer, client, industry, type of logo, or keywords.
A panel of nine renowned identity designers from around the
globe selected this collection. Their choices form an inspirational
resource and reference tool through which you can explore the
trends and influences driving international branding today. In the
book and on the companion Internet site, the logos have been
arranged categorically to allow for fast access and to show off the
dramatic diversity of styles used to depict similar subject matter.
You will also have the opportunity to investigate the thinking pre-
mier design firms use as they tackle the identity process for
clients as diverse as Madonna and the city of Hong Kong. Peer
into the project files behind the naming and design of the implike
TiVo logo. Follow airline British Midland’s graceful transforma-
tion into the stylish bmi. Learn how designers help brand-new
firms get off to a healthy start, as well as how they revitalize long-
standing organizations such as a hundred-plus-year-old dairy
and a centuries-old museum.
Our goal is to inspire and educate you without exhausting you (or
your supply of sticky notes) in the process. LogoLounge.com and
this new book are truly hybrids of print and Web: You may read at
your leisure, or do a quick, intuitive search. Our sincere hope is
that LogoLounge will open up more time for you to do what you
like best: design.
—Bill Gardner and Cathy Fishel

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