The metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly: Thats the
metaphor at the center of the ProBeauty identity created by Braue
of Bremerhaven, Germany. Its a common concept, but Braue
designers used production values and color to push the idea past
the commonplace.
A start-up company founded by thirteen doctors and specialists,
ProBeautys staff perform cosmetic surgery and administer beau-
ty and wellness treatments. Its typical customer is an average
person who wants to get rid of a pound here or there, have a tat-
too removed, or have a face-lift.
But even though the company provides surgical services, its own-
ers wanted to de-emphasize that. Instead, they wanted to give
the emotional aspects of the business more weight. Surgery feels
cold and clinical to consumers, but wellness and beauty treat-
ments defin
itely feel warmer.
Color was at the center of making this combination of disparate
elements succeed. After conducting extensive research on the
subject, art director Marcel Robbers knew which direction they
had to go in.
When you want to suggest something surgical, green implies
medicine and competence, he explains. Orange implies wellness
and health. So we weighted the entire program toward the warm
tones—its much more emotional.” Green typically is a cool color,
so the designers switched to a warmer light green. The combina-
on of the light green and orange was unique, Robbers adds.
Then a butterfly entered the scene. It is the ideal example of a liv-
ing brand, Robbers says.
In designs advertising the companys services, a butterfly is
depicted on the part of the human body that the subject being
discussed involves. For instance, when tattoo removal is
explained, the butterfly appears on a photo of an upper arm.
The most dramatic manifestation of the butterfly in print is in a
winged folder design. Meant to hold handouts, estimates,
brochures, proposals, and anything else the company might mail
or distribute, large butterfly wi
ngs unfurl when the folder is
opened. The folder is sized so it can be easily and discreetly
tucked into a handbag.
The companys philosophy, translated loosely from German, is, We
unfold your beauty,’” Robbers explains. Showing the butterfly
wings coming into their full beauty put the living brand into action.”
Corporate Identity
Braue; Branding and Corporate Design, Bremerhaven, Germany

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