Chapter 5. Installation tips and troubleshooting 141
document (Select System -> Groups in the Maintenance navigator), or from the
K-map Editors group in the Discovery Servers directory.
Figure 5-37 Adding users to the K-map Editors group
5.5.4 Replication problems and conflicts
Figure 5-38 illustrates the basic connection documents you should have between
your servers in a basic Discovery Server environment.
142 Lotus Discovery Server 2.0
Figure 5-38 Connection documents in a basic Discovery Server scenario
We recommend you do all modifications to server documents and groups from
the Domino Administrator client, making sure you select the NAB on the
specified server you want to modify. Otherwise you will end up with replication
and save conflict documents across the servers NABs.
Figure 5-39 Selecting the appropriate server NAB
If you get replication conflict documents, make sure you get the right information
in the original document and delete the replication conflict.
Chapter 5. Installation tips and troubleshooting 143
Regularly check that replication between the servers occurs and there are no
messages reporting the replication between servers failed. If you see error
messages at your server console that indicate the replication failed, find out what
the problem is and correct it, verifying the contents of the connection documents.
Make sure, when you restart the server, the replication error message goes
To aviod replication conflicts, make sure you consider:
򐂰 You need to create a connection document (Push type) from the Domino
server to the Sametime server (no need if Sametime runs in the same
machine as the Domino server) to replicate the NAB to it.
򐂰 Notice you are required to create a connection document in the Sametime
server's NAB to push the Secrets database (stauths.nsf) to the Discovery
Server once a day.
򐂰 For every secondary server you have in your environment, you need to create
an extra connection to replicate stauths.nsf from the primary Discovery
Server to the secondary Discovery Servers.
򐂰 The Discovery Server install automatically creates a Pull-Only connection
document configured to pull updates from the Domino server to the Discovery
Server every 60 minutes. (You can change this setting if needed to match
your implementation preferences. Do this from the Replication tab in the
connection document.) There might be a need to manually create this
connection document in the event it doesn't get created automatically.
򐂰 Replication errors for cross-domain certification environments occur if the
Pull-Only connection document gets created but its Source domain and
Destination domain fields on the Basics tab are left blank. If there is a
replication issue for cross-domain environments, you should edit this
connection document and fill in the Source and Destination domain fields with
the correct information.
Group names conflicts
The same problem might happen with Group names, where you can get
replication conflicts or Group names repeated several times. Apply the same
solution: make sure the original document contains the right information and
delete the duplication or replication conflict.

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