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For more information:
Lotus Instant Messaging/
Web Conferencing (Sametime):
Building Sametime-Enabled Applications
Build custom bots
capabilities though
Sametime Links
Integrate Sametime
into workflow
This IBM Redbook builds upon two existing Redbooks: Working
with Sametime Client Toolkits, SG24-6666 and Working with the
Sametime Community Server Toolkit, SG24-6667. Focusing on
the latest toolkits available for IBM Lotus Instant Messaging and
Lotus Web Conferencing (Sametime) 3, it explores Sametime as
a development platform, illustrating how to extend the
functionality of Sametime beyond its more commonly known
instant messaging and e-meeting hosting features.
It provides a detailed technical discussion and examples for
building and integrating Sametime real-time collaborative
capabilities, presence awareness, and Web conferencing
capabilities into both new and existing applications. In-depth
discussions and code examples are provided for topics such as
building custom bots, leveraging Sametime functionality through
Web Services, and integrating Sametime into workflow
applications. Additionally, this redbook reveals how you can
customize (brand) your organization’s Sametime Meeting Center
to more closely match the company’s identity. Finally, thorough
analysis is given to the topics of Sametime Links and the
Sametime Places architecture. Several samples of Sametime
applications, with source code, are included.
Ultimately, we hope this redbook will help you better appreciate
how your organization may benefit by more effectively leveraging
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