Chapter 15. Populating with content 221
independent AICC- or SCORM-compliant assessments and content and link
them into LearningSpace. Most of the authoring systems now available have
built-in support for AICC and SCORM. Make sure you set the correct property for
the Tracking and Launch Tracking API fields on the Activity property form.
15.4 Exporting and importing AICC-compliant courses
LearningSpace can export any course structure in the Planner module to
AICC-formatted text files. This means that content developers can reuse their
courses in other LearningSpace or AICC-compliant systems.You can import
AICC-compliant content as well. In this way, you can enable LearningSpace to
host thousands of courses currently available on the market. You can launch
these tools from the LearningSpace Database Utility (see Figure 15-10).
Figure 15-10 AICC course structure tools in LearningSpace Database Utility
Using these tools is quite easy. Refer to Chapter 5, “Using the LearningSpace
Database Utility” in the LearningSpace 5.01 System Administrators Guide.
Attention: LearningSpace stores more data about a course than AICC
recommends, so exporting and importing a course will lose some unessential
data, such as icon assignment to activities.

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