Chapter 18. Practice Exam 610

Question 1Sergey is listed in the Authors field of a document that has no Readers field. He also has Author access to the database where the document resides through the ACL. Stan has Editor access to the database and Martha has Reader access to the database. Who can read and/or edit the document?
  • A. Only Stan can read and edit the document.

  • B. Everyone can read and edit the document, but only Sergey can edit it.

  • C. No one can read the document because there is no Readers field.

  • D. Everyone can read the document but only Sergey and Stan can edit it.

Question 2Greg wants to edit a form and he does not want other developers to work on it while he has it open. Does he need to explicitly lock the form?
  • A. Yes. Another developer ...

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