Low-Budget Marketing for Rookies

Book description

For most small businesses, marketing is viewed as a secret dark art accessible only to those with buckets of cash or masses of creativity. As a consequence it’s the first thing to be neglected in a boom and the first thing to be cut in a downturn. Too many business owners look at marketing as an unnecessary expense rather than as what it really is – an
essential investment.
In Low-Budget Marketing for Rookies you will learn:
• The psychology behind buying decisions, and how to tap into those powerful forces to increase sales success.
• How to identify your key customers, how to look after them, and how to find more people like them for future marketing success.
• How to stand out from your competition and create a compelling offer to attract new and repeat business.
• How to write powerful sales copy.
• How to avoid the DIY marketing disasters that can scream “amateur” at 100 paces.
Low-Budget Marketing for Rookies is a simple and practical guide to marketing on a shoestring. Whether you have some experience already or are an outright beginner, this
book will explain the basics and warn you of the pitfalls. You don’t need bottomless pockets or a university education to be a successful marketer. What you do need is some
straightforward and easy-to-apply guidelines, a dash of common sense – and this book!

Product information

  • Title: Low-Budget Marketing for Rookies
  • Author(s): LID Editorial
  • Release date: June 2014
  • Publisher(s): Editorial Almuzara
  • ISBN: 9780462099576