Chapter 1. Social engineering
The ultimate low tech hacking threat
Information in this chapter
• How Easy Is It?
• The Mind of a Social Engineer
• The Mind of a Victim
• Tools of the Social Engineering Trade
• One of My Favorite Tools of the Trade
• Social Engineering Would Never Work against Our Company
• What Was I Able to Social Engineer out of Mary?
• The Final Sting—Two Weeks Later—Friday Afternoon
• Why Did This Scam Work?
• Let's Look at a Few More Social Engineering Tools
• Let's Look at That Telephone Butt-in Set on My Tool Belt
• Meet Mr. Phil Drake
• Meet Mr. Paul Henry
• Do You Have a Guest User of Your Credit Card?
• A Few Possible Countermeasures
Social engineering is not a new phenomenon. Yet, it is still one of the most effective outsider-insider ...

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