1. What is the standard MTU for Ethernet interfaces?

    1. 1500

    2. 1300

    3. 500

    4. 300

  2. Which of the following files would you edit to rewrite the headers of outgoing email messages so that the messages appear to originate from a completely different domain?

    1. virtusertable

    2. genericstable

    3. aliases


  3. What two programs can be destructive if run against a mounted volume?

    1. badblocks and lsof

    2. fsck and lsof

    3. mkraid and badblocks

    4. fsck and badblocks

  4. You wish to mount a Samba share named docs on a system named The username to access the share is davis and the password is access1. Which of the following commands will allow you to do this? (Choose two.)

    1. smbmount // /mnt/smb \ -o username=davis,password=access1

    2. smbclient -U davis%access1 //

    3. smbclient // -U davis%access1

    4. smbmount /mnt/smb // \ -o username=davis,password=access1

  5. You have a directory named /mnt/nfs on your system that you use for NFS mounts. Write in the command that mounts an NFS volume named /home/james located on a system named bentley.

  6. You suspect that several routers on a particular WAN connection are too slow. Which of the following commands allows you to make traceroute wait 20 seconds for a response to a packet?

    1. traceroute -w 20

    2. traceroute -c 20

    3. traceroute -i 20

    4. traceroute -t 20

  7. Your DNS server is named ...

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