Exam Preparation

LPI Exam 101 is thorough, but you should find it fairly straightforward if you have a solid foundation in Linux concepts. You won’t come across questions intended to trick you, and you’re unlikely to find ambiguous questions.

Exam 101 mainly tests your knowledge of facts, including commands and their common options, important file locations, configuration syntax, and common procedures. Your recollection of these details, regardless of your level of Linux administration experience, will directly influence your results.

For clarity, the material in the following sections is presented in the same order as the LPI Topics and Objectives. However, you may choose to study the Topics in any order you wish. To assist you with your preparation, Table 2-1 through Table 2-4 list the Topics and Objectives found on Exam 101. Objectives within each Topic occupy rows of the corresponding table, including the Objective’s number, description, and weight. The LPI assigns a weight for each Objective to indicate the relative importance of that Objective on the exam on a scale of 1 to 8. We recommend that you use the weights to prioritize what you decide to study in preparation for the exams. After you complete your study of each Objective, simply check it off here to measure and organize your progress.

Table 2-1. System architecture (Topic 101)






Determine and Configure Hardware settings



Boot the System



Change Runlevels and Shut Down or Reboot System

Table 2-2. Linux ...

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