USB Hotplug

Modularized USB drivers are loaded by the generic /sbin/hotplug support in the kernel, which is also used for other hotplug devices such as CardBus cards.


Although not covered on the LPI exams, the Linux IEEE 1394 (also known as FireWire or i.Link) drivers have a similar design. If you understand how to set up USB devices, setting up IEEE 1394 devices should be easy.

Configuring specialized hardware has become easier and easier, even since the development of LPI’s Level 2 Exams. Items such as LCD panels and serial UPS devices used to not be as common in our homes and offices, but today they are considered standard equipment.

When you prepared for Level 1, you became familiar with a number of the tools you must utilize when adding new hardware to your systems. For the Level 2 exams, you must be prepared to understand when to use them and the most efficient methods for installing your new devices.

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