Checking installed packages

Check installed packages with list:

# yum list

This command will show all of the packages that are currently installed on your computer. It will also list available packages. In the following example the partial output is filtered through |more to display content one page at a time. Here you can see that some of the packages are installed (marked installed) and others are available through update (@update):

# yum list |more
Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit
Installed Packages
Canna-libs.i586                    3.7p3-27.fc11                  installed
ConsoleKit.i586                    0.3.0-8.fc11                   installed
ConsoleKit-libs.i586               0.3.0-8.fc11                   installed
ConsoleKit-x11.i586                0.3.0-8.fc11                   installed
DeviceKit.i586                     003-1                          installed
DeviceKit-disks.i586               004-4.fc11                     @updates
DeviceKit-power.i586               009-1.fc11                     @updates
GConf2.i586                        2.26.2-1.fc11                  installed
GConf2-gtk.i586                    2.26.2-1.fc11                  installed
ImageMagick.i586                          installed
MAKEDEV.i586                       3.24-3                         installed
NetworkManager.i586                1:0.7.1-8.git20090708.fc11     @updates
NetworkManager-glib.i586           1:0.7.1-8.git20090708.fc11     @updates

You can also check to see if a particular package is installed or available for install using the list command. The following example checks to see whether Samba is installed. From the output you see that the samba package is not installed but available for installation through the repository:

# yum list samba
Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit
Available Packages
samba.i586                    3.3.2-0.33.fc11                 fedora

If you need to collect information about a particular ...

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