1. What kind of hardware is represented by the device name /dev/hda?

    1. Sound Card

    2. Modem

    3. IDE Hard Drive

    4. SCSI Hard Drive

    5. SATA Hard Drive

  2. What file should you query to determine whether there is an IRQ conflict on your system?

    1. /proc/ioports

    2. /proc/interrupts

    3. /proc/cpuinfo

    4. /proc/meminfo

    5. /proc/irqstatus

  3. Which of the following are arguments you can pass to the kernel at boot time to tell it to start in runlevel 1 (single-user mode)?

    1. one

    2. 1

    3. safe

    4. single

    5. user

  4. Which process is referred to as the “mother of all processes” and always has PID 1?

    1. mother

    2. admin

    3. administrator

    4. init

    5. bios

  5. Which logfile should you examine for information about the hardware that the kernel initialized at boot time?

    1. /var/log/syslog

    2. /var/log/messages

    3. /var/log/lastlog

    4. /var/log/wtmp

    5. /var/log/cron

  6. If you want to change your system’s default boot device from the hard drive to the CD-ROM drive, where would you make that configuration change?

    1. The file /boot/grub/grub.conf

    2. The file /etc/lilo.conf

    3. An argument passed to the kernel at boot time

    4. The BIOS

    5. The file /etc/inittab

  7. What command line would reboot a running Linux system immediately, forcing an fsck of every drive on reboot?

    1. /sbin/shutdown –r –F now

    2. /sbin/shutdown –h –F now

    3. /sbin/shutdown

    4. /sbin/shutdown –r –f now

    5. /sbin/shutdown –t –f

  8. Which of the following are valid ways to interactively switch a running system to runlevel 3?

    1. chrunlevel 3

    2. runlevel 3

    3. init 3

    4. telinit 3

    5. init -3

  9. If you have created your own script that you wish to run every time your system boots to your default runlevel, but it must run after all other ...

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