Chapter 11. Exam 102 Overview

LPI Exam 102 is the second of two exams required for the LPI’s Level 1 certification (officially referred to as LPIC 1). This exam tests your knowledge on 6 of the 10 major Topic areas specified for LPIC Level 1. Each section details certain Objectives, which are described here and on the LPI website.

Each Topic contains a series of Objectives covering specific areas of expertise. Each of these Objectives is assigned a numeric weight, which acts as an indicator of the importance of the Objective. Weights run between 1 and 8, with higher numbers indicating more importance. An Objective carrying a weight of 1 can be considered relatively unimportant and isn’t likely to be covered in much depth on the exam. Objectives with larger weights are sure to be covered on the exam, so you should study these Topics closely. The weights of the Objectives are provided at the beginning of each Topic section.

Exam Topics are numbered using the topic.objective notation (e.g., 101.1, 101.2, 102.1). The 100 series topics represent LPI Level 1 certification topics, which are unique to all levels of LPI exams (e.g., 101, 102, 201, 202, etc.). The objective number represents the objectives that are associated with the Topic area (e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on).

The Level 1 Topics are distributed between the two exams to create tests of similar length and difficulty without subject matter overlap. As a result, there’s no requirement or advantage to taking the exams in sequence, ...

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