Chapter 14. The X Window System (Topic 106)

Unix has a long history that predates the popular demand for a graphical user interface (GUI). However, a GUI is an essential part of running desktop systems today, and the standard GUI on Linux systems is the X Window System, or more simply, X. Originally developed at MIT and Digital Equipment Corporation, X’s Version 11 Release 7 is the version most commonly seen in Linux distributions. This version is more commonly referred to as X11R7.4, or just X11. X is a complete windowing GUI and is distributable under license without cost. The implementation of X for Linux is X.Org Foundation, which is available for multiple computer architectures and is released under the GNU Public License. This section covers the following three Objectives on X.Org Foundation for LPI Exam 102:

Objective 1: Install and Configure X11

An LPIC 1 candidate should be able to configure and install X and an X font server. This Objective includes verifying that the video card and monitor are supported by an X server as well as customizing and tuning X for the video card and monitor. It also includes installing an X font server, installing fonts, and configuring X to use the font server (which may require manually editing /etc/X11/xorg.conf). Weight: 2.

Objective 2: Set Up a Display Manager

This Objective states a candidate should be able to set up and customize a display manager. This includes turning the display manager on or off and changing the display manager greetings. ...

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