Selecting and Configuring an X Server

X.Org is the standard X Window System implementation for most distributions of Linux. X.Org is released and maintained by X.Org Foundation, which is a nonprofit community of developers and documentation writers. The X11 environment from X.Org is based on the code developed by XFree86, which was used as the X Window implementation in many Linux distributions. is a collaborative project to develop software for X Window System computers. Get distribution files for X.Org at

The X.Org project provides support for an amazing array of graphics hardware. This outcome is possible partly due to cooperation by manufacturers through public release of graphics device documentation and driver software, and partly due to the tenacity of the X.Org developers. Fortunately, many manufacturers who were historically uninterested in offering technical information to the X.Org project have become cooperative. The result is that most recent video hardware is well-supported by X.Org.

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