Supported video hardware

To avoid problems, it is important to verify XFree86 compatibility with your hardware prior to installation. At the very least, you should be aware of these items:

Your X.Org version

As with any software, improvements in X.Org are made over time, particularly in support for hardware devices. You should choose a version of X.Org that offers a good balance between the video support and stability you require. To determine which version of X you’re running, simply issue the following command:

$ X -version X Server (1.6.2 RC1)
Release Date 2009-5-8
X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0
The video chipset

X.Org video drivers are written for graphics chipsets, not the video cards on which they’re installed. Multiple video cards from a variety of manufacturers can carry the same chipset, making those cards nearly identical in function. You must verify that the chipset on your video card is supported by X.Org to use advanced graphics features. Supported chipsets are listed on the X.Org wiki.

Monitor type

X.Org can be configured to handle just about any monitor, particularly the newer and very flexible multisync monitors sold today, which can handle preset configurations provided in the X.Org Foundation configuration utilities. However, if you have a nonstandard monitor, you need to know some parameters describing its capabilities before configuring X, including your monitor’s horizontal sync frequency (in kHz), vertical refresh frequency (in Hz), and resolution ...

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