Installing fonts

Adding new fonts is straightforward. (For this brief discussion, we assume that we’re working with Type 1 fonts. Other types, such as TrueType fonts, may require additional configuration, depending on your version of XFree86.) First, a suitable directory should be created for the new fonts, such as /usr/share/X11/fonts/local or /usr/local/fonts. You may wish to separate your own fonts from the default X.Org directories to protect them during upgrades. After the fonts are installed in the new directory, the mkfontdir utility is run to catalog the new fonts in the new directory. New entries are added to the xorg.conf file to include the path for new fonts. For example:

FontPath   "/usr/local/fonts"

At this point, the X server can be restarted to recognize the new fonts, or the fonts can be dynamically added using the xset command:

# xset fp+ /usr/local/fonts

xset is beyond the scope of the LPIC Level 1 exams.

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