Chapter 15. Administrative Tasks (Topic 107)

As a system administrator in a multiuser environment, much of your activity is related to users and their system accounts, the automation of routine tasks, and internationalization. This chapter covers these administrative aspects of Linux as required for Exam 102. This chapter has three Objectives:

Objective 1: Manage User and Group Accounts and Related System Files

Candidates should be able to add, remove, suspend, and change user accounts. Tasks to adding and removing groups, and changing user/group info in password/group databases. This Objective also includes creating special-purpose and limited accounts. Weight: 5.

Objective 2: Automate System Administration Tasks by Scheduling Jobs

Candidates should be able to use cron or anacron to run jobs at regular intervals and to use at to run jobs at a specific time. Tasks include managing cron and at jobs and configuring user access to cron and at services. Weight. 4.

Objective 3: Localization and Internationalization

Candidates should be able to localize a system in a language other than English. Additionally, candidates should understand why LANG=C is useful when scripting. Weight: 3.

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