Chapter 16. Essential System Services (Topics 108.1 and 108.2)

As a system administrator in a multiuser environment, much of your activity is related to maintaining various system services. These services include accurate system time and logging of system events. The following two Objectives are covered in this chapter:

Objective 1: Maintain System Time

Candidates should be able to properly maintain the system time and synchronize the clock over NTP. Tasks include setting the system date and time, setting the hardware clock to the correct time in UTC, configuring the correct time zone for the system, and configuring the system to correct clock drift to match the NTP clock. Weight: 3.

Objective 2: System Logging

Candidates should be able to configure system logs. This Objective includes managing the type and level of information logged, manually scanning logfiles for notable activity, monitoring logfiles, arranging for automatic rotation and archiving of logs, and tracking down problems noted in logs. Weight: 2.

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