Configuration of Exim

Exim, like postfix and qmail, was designed to be a sendmail replacement. Therefore, it has helper programs and supports command-line options to enable a smooth transition from sendmail. Exim is monolithic like sendmail, in that the exim program handles the acceptance of email on TCP port 25 and the delivery of mail. There are a number of helper programs that come with exim, however. Some of the more common ones are listed in Table 17-3.

Table 17-3. Exim programs

Program name



Drop-in replacement for sendmail’s mailq command.


Drop-in replacement for sendmail’s newaliases command.


Alias for /usr/sbin/exim. Running this command is the same as running exim –q. This forces a single run through the mail queue, attempting a resend on every item.


Handles sendmail command-line options and passes them to exim.


The main exim binary, this process listens on TCP port 25 for incoming SMTP connections and hands incoming mail to the local delivery agent.


Generates statistics from exim mainlog or syslog files.


Describes what the exim process is currently doing.


Gives specific information about retry efforts for an email address.


Displays individual messages from the exim mail queue.


Searches for strings in the mail queue.


Summarizes the current contents of the mail queue.

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