Chapter 20. Basic Network Configuration (Topics 109.2 and 109.4)

A Linux system that is not connected to a network is a rare sight. Configuring a system for network access is one of the first things done within the normal installation process. This chapter covers the following Objectives:

Objective 2: Basic Network Configuration

Candidates should be able to view, change, and verify configuration settings and operational status for various network interfaces. This Objective includes manual and automatic configuration of interfaces and routing tables. This would include steps to add, start, stop, restart, delete, or reconfigure network interfaces by modifying the appropriate configuration files. It also means to change, view, or configure the routing table and to correct an improperly set default route manually. Candidates should be able to configure Linux as a DHCP client and a TCP/IP host and to debug problems associated with the network configuration. Weight: 4.

Objective 4: Configuring Client Side DNS

Candidates should be able to configure DNS on a client host. Weight: 2.

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