Review Questions

  1. Why is it dangerous to have “.” (the current working directory) in your $PATH variable?

  2. What characteristic of a bash variable changes when the variable is exported?

  3. What configuration files will bash read when a shell is started?

  4. Describe the concept of shell aliases.

  5. When is a shell function more suitable than a shell alias?

  6. Describe the function of /etc/profile.

  7. What must the author of a new script file do to the file’s mode in order to make it executable?

  8. How does the shell determine what interpreter to execute when starting a script?

  9. How can a shell script use return values of the commands it executes?

  10. What are some common open source databases available on Linux systems?

  11. Describe the common MySQL datatypes and when they are appropriate to use.

  12. What is the difference between a join and a left join in a SQL query?

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