1. Add a user with useradd, including a new home directory populated with files from /etc/skel.

  2. Add a group with groupadd.

  3. Use usermod to add your new user to the new group.

  4. Set the new user’s password using passwd.

  5. Log into the new account, and use newgrp to change to the new group.

  6. Delete the new group and user (including home directory) using groupdel and userdel.

  7. Examine the contents of /etc/skel. How similar are they to your own home directory?

  8. Review the contents of /etc/profile and /etc/bashrc.

  9. Add an entry in your personal crontab file to perform a task, such as sending you an email message. Confirm that the action occurs as expected. Experiment with the five time specifiers.

  10. Schedule a command in the future with at. How is at different from cron?

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