Book Chapters

Each part of this book contains some combination of the following materials:

Exam overview

Here you find an introduction to the exam along with details about the format of the questions.

Study guide

This chapter offers a few tips to prepare for the LPI Exams and introduces the Objectives contained in the Topic chapters that follow.

Topic chapters

A separate chapter covers each of the Topic areas on the exam. These chapters provide background information and in-depth coverage for each Objective, with “On the Exam” (see bottom of this page) tips dispersed throughout.

Review questions and exercises

This chapter reinforces important study areas with review questions. The purpose of this section is to provide you with a series of exercises that can be used on a running Linux system to give you valuable hands-on experience before you take the exams.

Practice test

The practice test is designed to be similar in format and content to the actual LPI Exams. You should be able to attain at least an 80 percent score on the sample test before attempting the live exam.

Highlighter’s index

This unique chapter contains highlights and important facts culled from the Topic chapters. You can use this as review and reference material prior to taking the actual exams.

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