Hydrocarbon Refrigerants

The use of methane (CH4), ethane (C2H6), ethylene (C2H4), propylene (C3H6), and propane (C3H8) pure light hydrocarbons as refrigerants is quite common, practical, and economical for many hydrocarbon processing plants. Examples include ethylene manufacture from cracking some feedstock, ethylene or other hydrocarbon recycle purification plants, gas-treating plants, and petroleum refineries.
Commonly used hydrocarbon refrigerants and their cooling temperatures are given in the following table [18].
Methane200 to 300°F(129 to 184°C)
Ethane75 to 175°F(59 to 115°C)
Ethylene75 to 175°F(59 to 115°C)
Propane+40 to 50°F(4 to 46°C)
Propylene+40 to 50°F(4 to 46°C)
Methane is used infrequently in industrial plants for this ...

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