H shell, 18
Hajek method, 426, 428f, 429b–431b
Hazard analysis (HAZAN), 1155–1156
Hazard and operability study (HAZOP), 1150, 1152, 1153f
batch process, 1154–1155
guide words in, 1154t
study coordination, 1152–1154
worksheet arrangement, 1154t
Head-capacity changes, 884
Heat balance, 129
Heat engines
appropriate integration, 564–565, 576f
opportunities for placing, 565–566
thermodynamic basis, 575f
Heat exchange operations, 75, 93t
correction for multipass flow, 90–109
thermal design, 75–79
Heat exchanger
area targets, 531–544
design and rating, 196, 199–200
forced convection heat transfer, 200–201
shell and tube heat exchanger, 196–199, 201–207
design with computers, 467
functionality, ...

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