Chapter 1

Gathering What You Need to Develop Mac Apps

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering Mac apps and why to develop them

arrow Collecting the right tools

arrow Sharpening the right skills

arrow Meeting the challenges of Mac app development

You’ve just awakened, gotten out of bed, and you want to check your stocks because one of those big high-tech companies made an announcement just after the market closed, and you want to see how the overnight trading of some of your favorite high-tech stocks has turned out. You look at your Mac laptop sitting on your dresser, and say, “Show me how Apple is doing today.”

Your laptop speaks back at you: “Password.”

“Adam Smith,” is your response. The MacBook’s monitor comes alive and shows the current pre-market trading trends for Apple stock. If you’d said the wrong thing, the laptop would have remained off, and you wouldn’t know how Apple stock was doing.

Does that sound like a dream? Everything I’ve mentioned above is possible for a Mac application. A Mac application can hear you speak and analyze your voice — Mac laptops and iMacs come with built-in microphones, and ...

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