Chapter 12

Putting On the Finishing Touches

In This Chapter

arrow Adding application and file icons

arrow Adding a custom About panel

arrow Locking down memory leaks

arrow Getting local

At this point in your Mac app development, everything works. Your app has no known bugs; it does everything your users will make it do; and you’ve added all the nifty features you can think of to keep your users coming back for more. What’s next?

In this chapter, I introduce some of the finishing touches you can apply to polish up your apps. These touches are some of the little things that users have come to expect, as well as the important items Apple will check to make sure that your app includes during the App Store submission review. You see how to add an application icon and file icons for any data files your app creates. You also create a custom About panel for your app, to add some flourish beyond the standard dialog that Xcode provides. In addition, I show you how to communicate with your users in their preferred language. Finally, I show you how to track down and plug those areas in your apps where memory is leaking ...

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