Mac OS X for Windows Users: A Switchers' Guide

Book description

You heard the buzz and made the switch: You're in good company! And here to prove it is Windows guru and CNET commentator David Coursey with Mac OS X for Windows Users: A Switcher's Guide. In this volume, Coursey draws on the experiences of real-world switchers to frame his own straightforward instructions on how to use Mac OS X. There's a lot involved in moving to a new operating system-files to be ported, software to learn, Internet and connectivity issues to iron out, and a new interface to unravel-but you'll find everything you need here to get up to speed quickly as well as understand the subtle and not-so-subtle differences between the Windows and Mac operating systems. Best of all, the information is presented from a Windows user's perspective: You print like that in Windows; you print like this in Mac OS X. You used to be a Windows pro; now you're a Mac pro!

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Switcher or Adder?
    1. Who Is David Coursey?
    2. Switcher Diary: Janie Porche
  4. Why People Switch
    1. Recovering from Windows
    2. Mac Users Are Different
    3. About This Book
    4. Switchers Defined
    5. Why People Switch
    6. Switcher Diary: Jim Feuerstein
  5. My Official Guide to Switching: The Easy Way
    1. The Easy Way or the Hard Way—You Choose
    2. The Easy Way: Detto Technologies’ Move2Mac
    3. Switcher Diary: Aaron Adams
  6. My Official Guide to Switching: The Hard Way
    1. What You Need
    2. Moving Your Email Address Book
    3. Moving Your Favorites
    4. Moving Your Music
    5. Moving Your Office Documents
    6. Palm
    7. PDF
    8. Pictures
    9. Email
    10. In Summary
    11. Switcher Diary: Fabiola Torres
  7. Meet Your Macintosh
    1. Where’s the Manual for My Mac?
    2. How Do I Get Started Using My Mac?
    3. What Are Those Connectors on the Back of My Mac?
    4. Help! I Need More USB/FireWire Ports!
    5. Can I Install More Memory in My Mac?
    6. Can I Install More Hard-Drive Space in My iMac?
    7. How Do I Get Sound in to or out of My Mac?
    8. Can I Install a FireWire Port in My PC?
    9. Are There Any Hardware Upgrades You Recommend?
    10. How Do I Install an AirPort Card in My Mac?
    11. Switcher Diary: Sara White
  8. Taming Your Jaguar
    1. Meet the Desktop
    2. The Apple Menu
    3. The Dock
    4. The Finder
    5. What Are System Preferences, and How Do They Compare with Windows Control Panels?
    6. How Do I Change System Preferences?
    7. What Do the Individual Preferences Panels Do?
    8. Switcher Diary: Patrick Gant
  9. Software Questions
    1. iApps for Creativity
    2. iApp for Entertainment
    3. iApps for Organization
    4. iApps for Communication
    5. iApps for Productivity
    6. Switcher Diary: Ben Dinger
  10. Getting Connected
    1. Connecting via Dial-Up
    2. Connecting via Broadband
    3. Home Networks
    4. About AirPort
    5. Letting Another Computer Connect to Yours
    6. Switcher Diary: Howard Yermish
  11. Viruses, Hackers, Backups, and Dealing with Emergencies
    1. General Information
    2. Emergency Procedures
    3. Switcher Diary: Peggy Milne
  12. My Annotated Top 10 Reasons to Switch
    1. The Mac ... it just works.
    2. It doesn’t crash.
    3. Simply the best in digital music.
    4. The missing link in digital photography.
    5. Your own digital entertainment center.
    6. Goes everywhere you go.
    7. It’s built for the Internet.
    8. Office is Office, and then some.
    9. Works effortlessly with PCs.
    10. It’s beautiful.
    11. Thank You for Reading My Book
    12. Switcher Diary: Gregory Pierce
  13. Keyboard Shortcuts
  14. Resources
    1. News and Troubleshooting
    2. Magazines
    3. Apple Sites
    4. Third-Party Software and Other Sites
  15. Transition Glossary
  16. AnchorDesk Columns
    1. Column 1 The challenge: If I go Mac, will I ever go back?
    2. Column 2 How living on a Mac nearly made me change careers
    3. Column 3 Will Microsoft pull the plug on Apple?
    4. Column 4 Why I just love the new iMac (and why you might, too)
    5. Column 5 Mac voyeurs: All talk, no action
    6. Column 6 Try a Mac? Why it won’t hurt as much as you think
    7. Column 7 How Apple’s iMovie made me a Spielberg—in just one hour
    8. Column 8 Can a Windows guy learn to love the Mac? You bet!

Product information

  • Title: Mac OS X for Windows Users: A Switchers' Guide
  • Author(s): David Coursey
  • Release date: February 2003
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780321168894