* (asterisk) wildcard, using in Unix, 939

. (period)

adding and removing at start of filenames, 601–602

avoiding in filenames, 501

identifying invisible files with, 591–592

._ prefix, explanation of, 594

/ (forward slash), avoiding in filenames, 501

: (colon), avoiding in filenames, 501

? (question mark) wildcard, using in Unix, 939

? (question mark) icon in Dock, troubleshooting, 18

~ (tilde)

in Unix, 936

using with pathnames, 237

6 to 4 port, description of, 720

169.254.x.x address range and AirPort, significance of, 814


-a option, using with Unix commands, 937

AAC audio file format, description of, 1020–1021

About This Mac command, effect of, 31

access and ownership primer, 536–538

access permissions, explanation of, 289–290. See also ...

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